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Striped Paper Straws the youngest twins is born in April 2011

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<p>5 pairs of twins baby in the auditorium. <br />
<p>within five years, gave birth to five pairs of twins,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com" title="paper drinking straws" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">paper drinking straws</a>, and is a male and a female, dragon and phoenix. Southeast University civil engineering and the origin between twins, in the eyes of outsiders, add a lot of mystery. Yesterday, the five pairs of twins came to Southeast University Sipailou campus, wear off east grand celebration of the 110th anniversary of the shirt, &quot;row&quot; campus, for Dongda decoration added a lot of fun and lively. East of civil subject in view, this year's enrollment slogans have to, that is: &quot;want to give birth to twins,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com" title="paper straws" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">paper straws</a>, please to Southeast civil!&quot;</p>
<p>Modern Express reporter Zhu Junjun 10 baby &quot;downtown&quot; of the ten children, the photographer came tired. &lt; p &gt; at ten yesterday morning, Southeast University to the five pairs of twins summoned up and take pictures in the Sipailou campus auditorium, the biggest is born in 2006, the kindergarten children, the youngest twins is born in April 2011, don't run too, but these 10 children too active, and wanted to take care of a group photo, toss a photographer for a long time. got into trouble with the clothes. Southeast University specifically for these children tailored 110 Anniversary T-shirt, lovely sun hat, and teddy bear. Children began to arrive in front of the auditorium, to give them a change of clothes, some children well behaved, nestled in mom and dad's side, all of a sudden the clothes has been changed,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com" title="pink drinking straws" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">pink drinking straws</a>, but some children but naughty,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com" title="cheap paper straws" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">cheap paper straws</a>, tossing enough, to wear a T-shirt on.</p>
<p>finally took a picture, but this time, the ten children toss more powerful. More than ten minutes before take a Quan Jiafu, are also look different. East High School of civil engineering, director of the office of the wangyuling told reporters that is immediately east of the 110th anniversary celebration, children's day, east the anniversary theme hit the family &quot;of the word, and the twins father or mother, are trained by Southeast University civil engineering disciplines, some still remain in the east to teach, so they come to celebrate.</p>
<p>East single professor also wrote a poem for the party: &quot;Wufeng Wulong tongyitang, Chengxiang is perfect. Century east new rank, strong civil successor generations!&quot;</p>
<p>envy othersfive year old five twinsZhang Siyi and Zhang Siqi both, in which five pairs of twins, born in December 2006. In the party. These two young friends is the quietest, most obedient and photographers to make them laugh and they would laugh together, let them waving the red flag, they hard to swing. Zhang Siyi, Zhang Siqi's parents are graduated from the Southeast University, their father Shi Congsunwei Zhang Yunsheng academicians, in the east to get a doctorate, is currently working in the east.</p>相关的主题文章:

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