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<p>The afternoon of April 7th, &quot;the monk brothers&quot; by the monk Temple captured in law. The man in the picture is Zhao Wenbo. Newspaper data picture <br />
&lt; p &gt; Ku LV bag, hug the woman, a room at the hotel, two wearing robes &quot;monk&quot; be friends pictures online, quickly jump red, known as &quot,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com" title="green Stripe straws" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">green Stripe straws</a>;monk brothers&quot;. On the afternoon of April 7, the &quot;brothers&quot; in the Xuanwumen Godson Hutong East side of the southern end of the temple as the source by monks wised, School of Chinese Buddhism Temple of learning all the monks learn they will be arrested, and was taken away by the police investigation. (April 9th) yesterday, reporters learned that the monk brother named Zhao Wenbo, Ren Chuankun. Zhao Wenbo's father said, two people have been detained by police. brothers detained on suspicion of affray monk</p>
<p>it is understood that the &quot;monk brother&quot;, the young man named Zhao Wenbo, the old man called Ren Chuankun. Yesterday is the fourth day,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com" title="paper straws wholesale" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">paper straws wholesale</a>, Zhao Wenbo's father Zhao Zhian to Beijing, Zhao Wenbo is the eighteenth day of the criminal detention by the police.Zhao Wenbo's friend Mr. Jiang said, April 7th afternoon, the monk brother was taken away by the police, two people in Niujie police station after the examination at 8 am to be released. Mr. Jiang said, 9 pm, &quot;the monk brothers&quot; received notice of the police, let it go back to accept the investigation, but the two of them were gone,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com" title="pink drinking straws" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">pink drinking straws</a>. Until 10, Mr. Jiang did not know Zhao Wenbo xingju. Zhao Zhian issued a notice of detention, Zhao Wenbo jingfangxingju reason is &quot;trouble&quot;.</p>
<p>&quot,<a href="http://www.paperstrawsoutlet.com/Dot-Paper-Straws-s675_p1.html" title="Dot Paper Straws" style="text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold">Dot Paper Straws</a>;do you say that the child will be sentenced to several years?&quot; 52 year old Zhao Zhian a face at a loss to ask reporters.carries the famous dream dropout and culture of a company signed</p>
<p>this year 26 year old gray was born in Jiamusi an ordinary working families, the home in be pregnant with disabled parents and a frail grandmother, monthly only 1400 yuan income. Zhao Zhian recalled, Zhao Wenbo after graduating from junior high school to enter the police academy Dalian, how long can't drop out.</p>
<p>18 year old Zhao Wenbo after dropping out of school without employment, but every day at home to practice his voice. &quot;When he was in Dalian, he was fascinated by singing, but he always said he was going to fire. There's not much money for him to learn, but he must insist on it.&quot; Zhao Zhian said. The summer of 2004, Zhao Wenbo alone to Beijing. In 2007, because life is difficult to maintain, he had to return home to busk in Jia Musi bars etc.. during the Jiamusi, gray through a network of contacts Lok Chinese Beijing Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianle Mandarin). By the end of 2008, he formally signed Chinese and tianle. &quot;The child said that he soon became famous, I also spent 50 dollars to ask somebody to help him the name Zhao Zihao.&quot; Zhao Zhian said. Once Zhao Wenbo back home to participate in the business, to see his son on the stage performances, Zhao Zhian heart full of joy, the feeling is finally to stay up.&quot;</p>

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